In September of 2018, we began our mission to start Breathe Creative Community. One month later, the first art workshop took place. This event further ignited the passion to provide an ongoing commitment to our local community to gather, connect and create. Breathe’s top three goals, for each program, are to create together with our community, to welcome every participant without judgment and to teach people how to make art and experience the benefits of creating.

To date, we have impacted over 300 lives with our programs. We’ve hosted over a dozen events and partnered with many local organizations to provide art enrichment during their programs. We have seen that we can bring together children of different backgrounds and languages and yet they can communicate through the universal language of art. We have observed that the act of creating increases positive thinking, reduces stress and helps express strong emotions like grief and sadness.  It even encourages problem solving, alternative thinking and boosts self-esteem. Our art workshops spark meaningful conversation and help folks to better understand each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Breathe’s activities have had a positive impact on creating community through artistic expression and we plan to continue and follow that path.

A word from our Founder:

Hi! I’m Sarah and I am the founder of Breathe Creative Community.

I was twelve years old when I began using art as a coping mechanism for life’s transitions and challenges. I started by drawing and quickly realized a deep love for all visual arts. After middle school, I made the decision to enroll in Blue Hills Regional High School (BHR) and develop my artistic skills. In June of 2001, I graduated with a certificate degree in Advertising Art & Design in addition to my high school diploma.

As an adult with a growing family, I became a freelance graphic artist creating word art, logos, and other graphics for small businesses. To date, I’ve created thousands of sketches, hundreds of paintings and even more digital designs. My most recent artistic successes include painting a detailed portrait of my cat-nephew, creating 25 digital illustrations for a privately distributed children’s book and developing a portfolio of tutorial paintings for creative workshops.

Say “hi” to Reggie!

After the birth of my twins, I suffered with postpartum anxiety. It was a struggle to transition from a family of five to become a family of seven. I remembered my art as a way out of challenges and began researching colors and patterns that expressed feelings and emotions. I found great relief in painting and creating during this difficult time. I felt a profound sense of courage and motivation to share this form of expression, self-confidence and relief with others.

Although I have accomplished many of my goals, surrounding visual arts, I believe there is always room to improve. I’ve made a commitment to do that but, not by myself. I’m interested in creating together as a community. One of the best ways to learn is to teach so, I began hosting tutorial style paint workshops when I started Breathe and instantly felt that I had found my calling.

In September of 2018, I formed a small group of creatives and we started to brainstorm all the ways that Breathe could help in our neighborhood. In October of 2018, the first art workshop took place. This event further ignited the passion to provide an ongoing commitment to our local community to gather, connect and create. 

Now that my family is complete, I have returned to school. I’m currently pursuing my degree in Business Administration at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College with a plan to transfer to a four-year college in the spring of 2021.