We’re passionate about increasing the participation of arts in the community through workshops and events. We’d love for you to help us do that.

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Breathe believes in investing in the community, encouraging diversity in groups, making cross-generational connections, teaching all ages about the arts and helping each person to express their passions, pains and purpose through creativity.

We perceive a need in our world for human interaction. When we see the isolation in our communities, we know there is a need for more face to face experiences. Through our programs, we can continue to create connections in our community and bring about a positive change. By offering events, workshops and donated artwork for free, we are encouraging and empowering our participants as well as our recipients.

Breathe is committed to bringing arts programming into the community on a consistent basis. Children in elementary school have art class once a week. When students move on to middle and high school, they are required to choose art over other electives if they wish to continue. Otherwise, it’s cut out completely. The stress in our world is rapidly increasing and the need for positive outlets is critical.

The purpose of our events and workshops is to continually expose people to the benefits of creating art so they won’t lose the benefits of stimulating their imagination. We not only teach them how to follow the steps necessary to create a craft but, we encourage their free thinking and expression as well. After each event, participants report feeling connected, creative and confident. Folks thank us for being a friendly and educational presence.

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