Holiday Crafts and Décor Event

Holiday Crafts and Décor ~ Dads & Friends

On Saturday, November30th, Breathe Creative Community (Breathe) hosted a Holiday Crafts and Décor event at the Gayton Library in Henrico.  This event focused on making cute holiday crafts and decorations.

There were 26 community members who joined in the fun!  We had Breathe Volunteers, a number of visitors who have participated in prior Breathe Events and 13 new friends!  

Our holiday crafting event was extra special as we had some pretty fabulous Dads who showed up and stole the show being present and creative with their kids. One dad was with his wife, daughter and son. He made a point to say thank you for hosting this event and to elaborate by saying how much his family was enjoying the crafts. One dad was dedicated to making a Christmas wreath with his daughter. She was about 4 years old and she loved the shiny, sparkly stickers we had available. She was all smiles and loved getting into the Christmas spirit.  Finally, another dad brought his two daughters and spent time talking with everyone in the room. His older daughter was deeply involved in the crafts and his younger daughter toddled around showing people her pink sneakers and waving. My teenage son was watching over her whenever she wondered away from her dad. By the end, she was blowing kisses as she said good bye! 

Personally, I’m really thankful for my friends who show up and bring their families. Showing support means the world to me. It only takes a few minutes to be there but, the real effort is in the follow through. Big shout outs to Lori, Sarah & Casey for bringing your people to come out and #CreateTogether


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