Breathe ~ Fall Wreath Event

On Saturday, October 5, 2019, Breathe Creative Community (Breathe) gathered at the Gayton Library in Henrico to create “Fall Wreaths” for neighbors and ourselves. Breathe’s mission is to breathe life into our community using our creative gifts. Breathing life means helping people feel alive through creative expression, exploration and education.  The “Fall Wreath” two hour event, which was open to the public at no cost, was well attended. Breathe offered instruction in creating a Fall Wreath made of autumn colors from materials such as felt, ribbon, cardboard, and leaves.

The event started with our volunteers setting up tables full of supplies for our creations.  We worked diligently in organizing everything to ensure our guests, who came and went, through the day, could begin creating right away.  We also setup an area of light refreshments.

During the event we chatted with the Moms about the beautiful weather and the fun they were having participating in this activity.  Others were discussing a recent relocation to the Henrico area and the opportunity to engage with the community. 

Dads were helping their kids glue and place paper leaves and plastic flowers on their wreath creations. One dad dropped his daughter to make a wreath for the family as he continued on into the library to help his boys check out books.  When they returned to the event, the boys were seen waiting patiently for their sister to finish her fall wreath creation.

Our star of the day was Elizabeth!  She brought her glue gun which saved the day as it we needed it to stick on the big plastic flowers and leaves to the wreaths!!!

There were several left over supplies in which Breathe will gift to a local partnership.  These friends will be going on a mission trip in November and are in need of crafts for kids connecting with seniors.  We feel very fortunate to be able to collaborate with other organizations in our community.

Breathe perceives a need in our world for human interaction. When we see the isolation in our communities we know there is a need for more face to face experiences. Through our programs and activities, we believe that we can create a community by which a wholesome, inclusive art programs will bring about a positive change.

This winter, we plan to gather in Henrico & Goochland to create holiday decor! Look for details on this site and our facebook page.

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