Paint DAY #1

On Saturday, Oct. 27th, we held a roasty~toasty marshmallow painting workshop! We set up for 12 and had 11 folks in attendance.

We started by painting a black night sky. Then we made fire, rocks and marshmallows.

Coffee and donuts were available throughout the workshop so, if anyone needed a break, there were plenty of goodies to refuel with.

Everyone made there own version of the example below while they chatted with their neighbors. In a little under 2 hours, the paintings were finished and questions of “what’s the next painting?” and “when’s the next paint day?” started flying!

We’re working on the next one as we speak so check the classes + workshops page or join our mailing list to get the latest news (and first dibs on your seat).

Roasting Marshmallows

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